Soft Materials/ Light Works

Soft Materials. Light Works.

(2011- 2012)


By using clothing, gauze, tea bags, hair, thread, and recycled paper, among other soft and malleable materials I explore ideas about time, mobility, and distance.


As we transplant ourselves to new places, we become hybrids and we contribute in the creation of mixed societies. I comment on this state of flux by working with radically different media, blurring the borderlines of art categories from painting and collage, to sewing and craft, to writing and digital art. While traditional or high art medium are respected for their permanence, I am interested in the liberating qualities of working with transitory and humble materials. These hybrid works make reference to the use of materials that are considered unauthentic and ephemeral, being associated with specifics of gender, social class, and ethnicity; therefore confronting established hierarchies and art canons. Materials have a history and I utilize materials that tell about time and distance. For instance, used cloth, paper and hair are integral part of my visual and tactile vocabulary.