Dulce Despertar


(2010- 2014)

New York




Performer: Rafael Landron

Photographer: Jose Palomino

Voice: Daniel Montoya

A project by Soraya Marcano





Dulce Despertar, utilizes new media and relational aesthetics to document processes of connectivity between émigrés in the city. In attempting to capture the divide between people and places, the dialogue and images are a metaphor for the ambivalent relationship between islands and continental metropolis. It also epitomizes dislocation where the links between people and location must be (re)imagined.









Re-Tracing the Land, NARS Foundation, NY



Curator: Allison Young







See What I Mean, Taller Boricua, New York


(2010- 11)  
Curated by Marcos Dimas and Christine Licata